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Am I eligible for DACA?

You are eligible for DACA if you meet the following requirements:

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The Current State of DACA

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What has happened to DACA?

As a minority-owned law firm, The Hadi Law Firm understands the importance of protecting our youth from the unconstitutional deportation of our children. We are happy to report that on June 18th, 2020, the supreme court overruled the Trump administration’s unlawful rescindment of the DACA program. For the time being the courts have sided with DACA recipients but this isn’t the time to rest on our laurels. The Trump administration may try to terminate the DACA program in the future. It is important that we demand and pressure state and ….

What Does This Mean For DACA Recipients?
  • Eligible recipients can renew DACA status for two more years
  • Continued protection from deportation and benefits such as work benefits
  • Eligible individuals who have never had DACA status can apply for DACA
  • Advance Parole may permit DACA recipients to travel outside of the US. *The COVID-19 pandemic may restrict travel policies.
  • Talk to your lawyer before planning a trip.
Understanding the 2020 Supreme Court Decision on DACA

For a better understanding of the supreme court decision check out this document from www.ilrc.com.

Why it’s important to have professional legal representation for your DACA Application.

Like most government applications, applying for DACA can be an arduous, complicated, and time-consuming process. Inaccurate information and mistakes can result in application denial. Seasoned attorneys can help provide you with a clear path to DACA approval.

Experienced Immigration Attorneys

Our attorneys have spent years working on immigration cases and understand the intricacies of the DACA process. We’ll take the helm and make work to renew or finally grant you DACA status.

Dedicated Personnel

Each application is personally handled by one of our experienced immigration attorneys. We’re just an email or phone call away to answer your questions and concerns. Everyone deserves a chance at freedom and we’re here to help you get it.

One Time All-Inclusive Fee

Lawyer and application fees can sometimes be overwhelming especially for immigrants. The Hadi Law Firm provides the expertise and service of a top immigration law firm for your full application process. For the low price of just $495 + Application Fees.

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This is a superlative law firm. Attorney Maryam is proactive, a good client’s representative with a quality knowledge on immigration nitty-gritty. I do recommend this law firm to anyone in need of assistance w.r.t USCIS issues. Charles Ade
I am very satisfied with the great job they did on my case. I was facing deportation with a 0% chance of winning my case according to other law firms. I would definitely recommend them, the attorneys are very knowledgeable and are willing to go the extra mile for you. Deo Alvarado
Francisco and Maryam helped us getting my son out of the Immigration facility after winning the case.The best team to be on your side. I recommend this Firm to anyone seeking a winning team. Simba Mukupe

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America is a nation of immigrants. The diverse cultures and immigrants have played a large role in the innovation and progress we have seen in the US. Some come escaping persecution in their countries and others come for a chance at the American dream. The Hadi Law Firm is a minority-owned law firm that fights for the rights of immigrants. The experienced immigration attorneys at The Hadi Law Firm have helped immigrants gain citizenship, DACA status, and more. Are you concerned about deportation or at a loss when it comes to immigration policies? We understand that sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle. The Hadi Law Firm is here to help.

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